Caleb Management LTD COVID19 RESPONSE

Caleb Management LTD COVID19 RESPONSE

As always, Caleb’s primary goal remains to ensure the health, safety and security of our residents and staff.  During the COVID-19 pandemic this is our priority.


On March 18, 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan declared a State of Emergency giving the provincial government extensive powers to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chief Medical Health Officer of Saskatchewan, through the Ministry of Health, has issued a series of Public Health Orders to control the transmission of the 2019 novel coronavirus.  During the State of Emergency, all persons in Saskatchewan must comply, as ordered by law, with the Public Health Orders.


The Public Health Orders have forced all residents and businesses in Saskatchewan to change their current ways of doing business and interacting publicly in order to contain the spread of the virus.  At Caleb we have responded accordingly to protect the lives of our residents and staff.  We know that you have done the same to protect those that you care for.  Together we have managed to prevent outbreaks in our communities, and we will continue to change the way we do business in order to stop the spread of the virus.


The virus moves when we travel or gather.  In order to stop the spread of the virus and ensure the virus is kept out of our communities where seniors reside, Caleb will continue to implement protective measures to respond to this pandemic:

·         restrict visitors to our communities.

·         modify the delivery of services including access to the bistro and dining room, transit and activities.

·         encourage our residents and staff to stay home and limit or cancel all non-essential travel to other communities.

·         screen each person that enters our communities, including visitors, staff, suppliers and contractors.  Caleb has worked with our suppliers and contractors to change the way deliveries are made and restricting access to the building for essential matters only.


By working together, we will continue to keep our residents and staff safe.  We want to assure you that Caleb is doing everything we can to effectively manage this situation as it evolves, and we closely monitor this situation in Saskatchewan and across Canada.  Caleb is also following the phases of the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan as put forth by the Government of Saskatchewan and we will relax restrictions as we are able to in accordance with the Public Health Orders. 


Caleb appreciates your understanding and patience as we continue to deal with this unprecedented event.




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